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To Learn About The Amazing
Shadow X5 & X3

A Tribute to Nitro, our Boxer

Florida History & Antiquities Index - Links to Florida's Past

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Maps of the Past, Inc., has become THE destination for family genealogy, historians, geologists, treasure hunters, mineral prospectors and anyone else interested in historical maps. Our current library and archives with numbers reaching 10,000 offers maps from as early as the 16th Century, in categories including, but not limited to: US maps, State maps, County maps, Township maps, City maps, Plat maps or Landowner maps, Railroad maps, Civil War Battle maps, Mining maps, Colonial maps, USGS Topo maps, USCS Nautical Survey maps, River maps, Lewis and Clark maps, Panoramic or Bird's Eye View maps, Territory maps, Statehood maps, Political maps and charts, Census maps, Demographic maps, and Indian Territory maps, including maps of Europe. For the avid genealogist we specialize in one of a kind Land Ownership maps. This is the fulfillment of all dreams to locate an ancestors name on our remarkable list of real estate property maps. Approximately 1500 of these maps have been painstakingly restored, whereas. the remainder are being restored upon request. With access to hundreds of thousands of additional maps, most requests can be fulfilled for maps of areas with populations of 40,000 or more, including old world maps. We also have the necessary full size printers to produce, outstanding colored prints in our collection.

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A Guide to Metal Detecting

Metal Detector Manuals - all brands

Metal Detecting World with Sergei from Bell's UpstateNY

Metal Detectors & Archeology

National Treasures Online - Research, Maps, Forums, Tips and more.

How to Clean Ancient Coins - The Cleaning, Restoration, and Preservation of Ancient Bronze Coins and Artifacts

Go Metal Detecting . com - Superb knowledge base of information for detectorists and treasure hunters.


The John Birch Society - Founded in 1958, The John Birch Society is a membership-based organization dedicated to restoring and preserving freedom under the United States Constitution. Members come from all walks of life and are active throughout the 50 states as part of local chapters.

BoobieInPA - Metal Detecting in PA website - for treasure hunters of all kinds

Meteorites Plus - At Meteorites Plus we carry a variety of Meteorites at affordable prices.

Treasure Hunters Locations / Finds Software

Captain Blys Treasures - Discover the premier website for Wholesale Gold and Treasures

AAA Historical Americana - World Exonumia (tokens & medals)

Arizona Gold Prospectors

Metal Detector Manuals

Tesoro Net - Treasure Stories, Links, Advice, and More...

Bob Baily's Metal Detecting Site - Learn how to Program & adjust your Eagle Spectrum, XLT or DFX
in days not months with Bob Bailey's Books on Programs & Adjustments Made Easy to find out more.

Benny's Sports & Tees - Treasure Hunters Detector Sports Tees (T-Shirts)

Ghosttowns - an interesting website

Tom's Treasures - Metal Detecting Resources and Links

GA REBEL RELICS - I began the hobby of metal detecting in January 1999 using a Whites Spectrum XLT.
Mainly I search old home sites and areas which show signs of earlier plantation life...

Metal Detecting & Treasure Hunters Database Software - This is the perfect program to keep those metal detecting
and treasure hunting find's recorded.

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