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Gray Ghost Amphibian Headphone
Retail $165 Our Price $150


Gray Ghost Amphibian Headphone (pat.pend.) incorporates a number of dramatic improvements in weatherproof/submersible headphone design. It is designed to replace both the Garrett AT Pro land headphone and the Garrett after-market waterproof headphone. Now you can use one set of headphones for both land and underwater. The design is 100% waterproof and totally submersible to a minimum of 30 feet! No compromise in sound quality for functionality...


Full-range volume control: One knob adjustable volume to YOURdesired level... Land or water... Blowing wind, pounding waves or any extreme condition... You will hear signals loud and clear!!

Radical redesign of the traditional method of waterproofing wired connections on Piezo transducers: All underwater headphones use a Piezo type "buzzer" speaker system because land use paper speakers would disintegrate after getting submerged. However, the tonality of the piezo system is unfortunately compromised due to the piezo being dampened with silicone to waterproof the connections... Actually degrading the "buzzing" action of the Piezo. We developed a waterproof "sound box" for the Piezo and the connections are internal. The Piezo will then deliver its full range of audio rivaling land use paper speakers. Our headphone takes the place of BOTH stock land headphones (that came with your detector) and the after-market Garrett "blue phones" Now you can use just one quality set of headphones for ALL your detecting needs.

Quality, comfort, fit and finish you expect from Gray Ghost: Once worn, you won't believe our headphones are designed for underwater use. They are as plush or more plush than most land phones. They fit snug and have soft cushions that won't slip off when encountering waves, submersing your head, or diving for treasure. Detect for hours in total comfort.

Attention to details: We read the user forums to learn everything we could to improve and surpass the Garrett headphones. Our improvements make the detecting experience much better. Improvements like lengthening the coiled wire cord and leaving enough straight wire coming off the connector to allow clipping to the hook under Garrett's arm cuff. This feature keeps the cable out of your way, eliminates a stress point at the rear of the detector, and helps keep the cable tangle free.

IP68 rated connector: Our connectors are manufactured to exact Garrett standard. You can connect into the Garrett AT Pro, AT Gold and Infinium metal detectors while maintaining a 100% waterproof seal. Some users are trying to cut and splice Garrett connectors to an older version of waterproof headphone. Get our quality, fully waterproof connector and protect the integrity and functionality of your Garrett metal detector.

Longer Cable Wire: Our coiled wire is longer, stronger and more durable than most standard headphone wiring. We make our waterproof headphones to last!

Technical Specifications:

Heavy-duty Coil Cable with IP68 Waterproof Plug that mates securely to the Garrett AT Pro/Gold and Infinium
Heavy-duty IP68 Waterproof Volume Control allows you to adjust your volume to suit your detecting conditions on land or in the water.
Solid-state Speakers Designed for Maximum Sensitivity, efficiency, durability in dry or wet, regardless of depth.
Special Sound-blocking Muff Design eliminates ambient noise up to 24 decibels
Matched Frequency Response: 200-3,200 Hz
Heavy-duty Thick, Plush, Soft Polymer Cushions with full-ear surround.
Heavy-duty Muff-to-Muff Connection Cable
Adjustable Fully Padded Headband... No screws... No wire frame... No rust!
Compact Carry and Storage foldable design.


Sun Ray Detector Electronics is proud to introduce our new Sun Ray Pro "Gold" Headphones. We decided to offer a high quality set of professional headphones without the highest price! Plus we have now added even more new features making these the premier metal detector headphones on the market today!! The Sun Ray Pro "Gold" version are manufactured according to the following specifications:

  • High output 150 ohm (nominal impedance) speaker elements which are certified as hearing aid compatible and are sensitive enough to pick up even the faintest of signals. Aluminum case construction with polymer cones for moisture and sweat protection.
  • Dual multi position "segmented or detent" volume controls with NEW BLACK & YELLOW KNOBS for that "Sun Ray" look!.
  • "New" Enhanced Limiter Circuit with on/off switch. (For more pronounced reduction in loud blasts from surface targets, while allowing the faintest of signal responses to be clearly heard. Limiter results will vary from one detector model to another.)
  • Mode selector switch makes the new Sun Ray Pros compatible with most metal detectors.
  • NEW TOGGLE SWITCH BOOTS keep moisture and dirt out of toggle switches!
  • "New" comfortable, lightweight dual swivel point ear cups with all "new" soft leather muffs.
    The new foam padded soft leather muffs are not only more comfortable than the earlier vinyl muffs, they do not develop a "memory". They conform to the shape of your head around your ears when worn and when taken off return to their original shape! Vinyl which normally has a life expectancy of (3) three years can get harder with time and the elements, which can cause a less comfortable fit as well as a noticeable increase in ambient (outside) noise. The former version of the Sun Ray Pros yield a 24 decibel reduction in ambient noise blocking ability when new. The new Sun Ray Pro "Gold" version yields a 26 decibel reduction in ambient noise blocking ability and continues to block that noise day in and day out, year in and year out because they stay soft and comfortable!
  • "New" adjustable soft leather headband.
  • One of the industries most durable coiled cables with NEW EXTERNAL STRAIN RELIEF and 1/4" right angle, molded GOLD PLATED PLUG!

The new Sun Ray Pros will deliver a crisp audio response with volume to spare!

Limited Lifetime Warranty!

Our Price $129.95

Killer B Headphone - black only

The Killer B is the most popular headphone we make. Lightweight cups, external strain relief, 41 position single volume control, 150 ohm elements, 90% angled coiled cord. The elements are sensitive enough to pick up the faintest of whispers. These phones fit snugly but remain comfortable enough for that all day hunt. Limited lifetime warranty and money back garantee

Killer B Headphone - black only
Price: $104.95

Killer B 2 Headphone - green only

Killer B's II have the same features as the Killer B's except with Dual volume controls for those who have a big difference in hearing on either the right or left side. Killer B’s II come in Green and pack a limited lifetime warranty and also come with a satisfaction money back guarantee. Yes that’s correct, if you don’t like them, pack them back up and ship them back, we will gladly refund your money.

Killer B 2 Headphone - green only
Price: $114.95

Killer B Hornet Headphone - green only

Green, Heavy duty durable style cups with the maximum ambient noise reduction available today. Push style mode selection switches for hunting those brushy area’s. 150 ohm elements and a selectable limiter circuit. Great for hunting high noise area’s or when you need to hear those deep faint whispers. Limited lifetime warranty and a money back garantee !

Killer B Hornet Headphone - green only
Price: $129.95

Killer B Wasp Headphone - black only

The wasp has every bell and whistle offered by Killer B’s. It has dual 41 position volume controls, high output 150 ohms elements, external strain relief, larger diameter, soft to the touch knobs, locking color coded toggles, a switch-able limiter circuit. lightweight and comfortable cups,A locking mode switch making it compatible with most detectors and a high quality coiled cord with a 1/4" angled plug.

Killer B Wasp Headphone - black only
Price: $129.95

Killer B Stinger Headphone - green only

The Stinger is a single cup headphone designed for anyone needing to hear what’s going on around you. It offers a snug fit but comfortable feel, the speaker element still pack a punch with a full 150 ohms impedance. It comes packed with all the standard “B’s” features such as 41 position detent volume control, mode
switch and ¼” plug on a high quality nine foot long coiled cord.

Killer B Stinger Headphone - green only
Price: $94.95

Killer B ST Headphone - black only

The Killer B ST has dual volume controls and come wired true “Stereo” Designed especially for you Nautilus user and others that prefer the sound that “Stereo” gives. And like all other B’s the St’s pack a limited lifetime warranty and also come with a satisfaction money back guarantee. Yes that’s correct, if you don’t like them, pack them back up and ship them back, we will gladly refund your money.

Killer B ST Headphone - black only
Price: $119.95
Fisher Stereo Headphoness 972095
The most important accessory you can get is a good set of headphones.
Reduce background noise and hear those faint, deep signals.
Stereo Headphones (with volume control) #972095
Plus Shipping
Price: $49.99
Fisher Phones 9720971
The most important accessory you can get is a good set of headphones.
Reduce background noise and hear those faint, deep signals.
Plus Shipping
Price: $80.00
Treasure Wise Headphones
Retail $49.95 Our Price $39.95
Price: $39.95

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Calrad High Impedence Headphones 600 ohm
Price: $59.95
Pyramid HP-30 Headphone
Price: $39.99
Vanco Deluxe Headphone
Special $39.99 Regularly $49.95
Garrett Headphones
Price: $49.95

Treasure Ears Stereo Headphones by Detector Pro Designed in the US.

  • Excellent sound quality for metal detectors
  • Separate volume controls each ear
  • Lightweight comfortable
  • Adjustable headband with stainless frame
  • Coiled cord for easy extension
  • 1/4" 90 degree angle connector
  • Built with quality components
  • Speakers designed for max sensitivity
  • 1 year warrany
  • Specifications:
  • Power output: 100 milli-Watt
  • Impedance: 32 ohm
  • Sensitivity: 105 dB
  • Cord length: 6 feet (extended)
    Treasure Ears Stereo Headphones
    Price: $49.95
  • VIBRA-PHONE 280 Replaces Headphones with Vibration - Just clip it on to your detector and plug it into the headphone jack in place of your headphones. It uses a standard 9V battery. There are two adjustments. One sets the sensitivity or level when the unit will start vibrating. The other adjustment converts a short pulse of vibration to a longer pulse if needed. Set it once to match your detector. VIBRA-PHONETM 280 works with all common detector models.
    VIBRA-PHONE 280 Replaces Headphones with Vibration
    Price: $74.99
    Gray Ghost Headphones

    Black Widow
    Black Widow is engineered for detectorists with challenged hearing and for hunting environments with high ambient noise levels.

    Black WidowTM
    Our NEW Black Widow headphones were created to accommodate the professional detectorist with special hearing requirements and for environments with high ambient noise levels. They have extreme output and noise blocking capacity. Still built with our "industry first" quality components, design and construction without compromise.

    CAUTION: The significant volume output of the Black Widow compared to our main line of headphones requires us to warn the consumer of potential eardrum damage if detector signal is not regulated to tolerant levels. Without the limiting circuit engaged, we recommend starting with a minimal headphone volume control setting with detector volume at maximum, then
    gradually increase headphone volume controls as needed and tolerated.

    Backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

    Black Widow Headphones
    Price: $135.00
    Gray Ghost DMC Headphones

    Relic & Coin Hunters... Give yourself the superb Gray Ghost sound made especially for your Nautilus DMC detectors. Each channel has its own separate limiter and separate volume control.
    Technical Specifications:

    Separate volume control for each channel
    Heavy-duty muff-to-muff connection cable.
    Heavy-duty coil cable with special 1/4", 90 degree angle stereo connector.

    Compact carry and storage foldable design.
    Heavy-duty polymer muffs with full-ear surround, soft comfortable cushions.
    Adjustable padded headband... no screws, no wire frame, no rust!
    Speakers designed for maximum sensitivity, efficiency, durability, and signal quality.
    Special built-in signal limiting circuitry on each channel to protect hearing from high volume hits... no batteries!
    Special sound-blocking muff design eliminating environmental ambient noise up to 24 decibels.
    Frequency response: 200 - 3200 Hz... only what your detector uses.
    Sensitivity: 72 dB @ 1kHz min.
    Impedance: 150 ohms nominal.
    Backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

    Gray Ghost DMC Headphones
    Price: $108.00

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    The NEW Rattler headphone is designed to allow hearing
    outside noises in one ear thus warning you to dangerous reptiles, snakes and even someone sneaking up behind you. In your other ear, you will get the performance of our famous Gray Ghost line of headphones. Built to satisfy the needs of demanding professional electronic prospectors and gold nugget hunters who frequent areas of dangerous reptiles. We feel your safety in the field is crucial and we're sure you'll never want to use anything but the Rattler!

    Rattler Headphones
    Price: $77.00

    Gray Ghost® NDT NDT means "No Down Time!" Built on the solid foundation of the Original Gray Ghost, the Gray Ghost NDT comes with two detachable cables, each with a high-quality locking connector and your choice of plug sizes. Hunt with a new feeling of security!

    Gray Ghost® NDT Headphones
    Price: $135.00

    Ultimate Gray Ghost® The Ultimate Gray Ghost is our second generation premium headphone with the best sound available anywhere. Top treasure hunters in every field have told us the Ultimate Gray Ghost is the new leader of the pack.

    Ultimate Gray Ghost® Headphones
    Price: $126.00

    Original Gray Ghost® The Original Gray Ghost was our first deluxe headphone and it is still the most popular for the demanding professional coin, relic, and jewelry hunter. These phones are built by detector people for detector people.

    Original Gray Ghost® Headphones
    Price: $97.00

    Click Images To Enlarge

    Gray Ghost Deep WoodsTM
    The Gray Ghost Deep Woods is for die-hard relic hunters or anyone who pushes into the most hostile treasure hunting environments.

    Gray Ghost Deep Woods Headphones
    Price: $97.00

    Nugget BustersTM
    Nugget Busters were designed to the specifications of demanding professional electronic prospectors and gold nugget hunters. They are similar to the Original Gray Ghost but without any limiter for wide-open sound. If you're just getting started in gold hunting, we're sure you'll never want to use anything but Nugget Busters.

    Nugget Busters Headphones
    Price: $97.00

    Nugget Busters NDTTM
    Based on the specifications of demanding professional electronic prospectors and gold nugget hunters. They are similar to the Gray Ghost NDT but without any limiter for wide-open sound. Engineered for No Down Time in the field from cord breakage.

    Nugget Busters NDT Headphones
    Price: $135.00

    Jolly RogersTM
    Jolly Rogers are smaller and lighter but still engineered tough for the beginner and the professional coin, relic, gold nugget, and jewelry hunter.

    Jolly Rogers Headphones
    Price: $81.00

    Jolly Rogers UltimatesTM
    NEW Jolly Rogers Ultimates have Dual Volume Controls and our famous Limiter Circuit. Everything you love about our original Jolly Rogers, but now with more features usually found only on more expensive headphones!

    Jolly Rogers Ultimates Headphones
    Price: $108.00

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