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Jesuit ring cache1600s, copper spearpoint 3 -5 thousand years old, fur trade knife 1700s, 2 french clasp knives 1600s, trade silver hair wrap or braclet and 15 peices of cut fur trade silver 1700s


Dennis Mccormick

A super find by Brian in Upsate NY.


Click image for larger view.

Hi Ed Bell,

Attaching several photos. I am using the Minelab Explorer II. Items in photos are aprox 2000 years old.

Photos 008 & 026 is a nice before and after of a large bronze Greek Tetradracum. Weighs 15 grams. Approx. date between 300 - 79 BC.

Click Image to View Full Size

Photos 034 & 036 is a front and back shot of a silver Sasanian coin of Shapur II. Date between 300 - 79 BC. The last of the pre-Islamic Iranian (Persian) empires endured from the middle of the Roman Empire until it was destroyed by the Muslims. Shapur II captured the Roman emperor Valerian in battle and held him for ransom. When the money was not forthcoming he had Val killed and stuffed, put him on display in his palace.

Click Image to View Full Size

Photo 002 is a shot of 22 silver and bronze coins. All Greek anround the same date as mentioned above.

Click Image to View Full Size

Photo 033 is a shot of two more Shapur II's. the darker coin is silver but in bad shape.

Click Image to View Full Size

Photo 010 is a shot of four Greek / Roman bronze arrowheads.

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thanks again Ed Bell,

Kim Correll

My first coin found with a new detector - Click on image for larger view.

Back in Dec 2000, I came home from Saudi Arabia and a brand new Explorer XS was awaiting me. I thought I did pretty darn good getting a 1806 Draped Bust HalfCent my first time using it and within the first hour of use!

Well, last week I bought a back-up detector that is a little easier on my bad shoulder and although I did not get a coin on my first, second or even third time using my new Tejon, but the coin I found on my fourth trip was a Wowza.

I have found numerous half reales and a couple of one reales but never have found any of the bigger Spanish coins.

Well, that came to an end this afternoon. I no sooner got off my mountain bike, put the detector together, walked about 10 feet and got a nice signal. At about 8-10 inches was this nice 1744 Spanish Pillar 2 Reale, my first coin of anytype with my Tejon.

Don in South Jersey

Bob D's finds with his CZ-20. WOW! The gold coin was found near the banks of the hudson river near a old tavern site..the coppers were found around the north part of saratoga battle field on private land with permission by the owner.. Click on the image to enlarge.

Ed Bell: I sniffed these goodies out of the iron infested ground of an old Florida fort using my Minelab Explorer. The locals stated that this fort had been hunted hundreds of times with all different types of detectors. Apparently those detectors did not have IRON MASK". Click on the image to enlarge.

Mike - Tamarac, Florida

Anyway, looks left to right: 1695-98 William III; 1724 KGI; Unk KGII; 1770 KGIII. The pontail on the William is not the style two type of 1699-1702 so I have to assume it is 1695-98 or else a W&M, but dont think the Ponytail is right for that one.

Found by Don H.

Hi Ed Bell this is Scott from England I got my package delivered on wed and picked it up today. Got here as advertised and quickly too. Thanks Hope to get out this weekend. Here are a couple of scans of some coins, when I get my camera in Ill try and send some quality pics.

The first is a King John penny…..From Robin Hood lore…next is a clocester type roman brooch from 50-75 AD in the next you can se a fragment of a Roman braclet and a stud and the last are some Roman bronze coins… Like I said Ill send you some better pics with even better descriptions as well…..this is just to wet yer appitite…

King John Penny | Roman Brooch | Roman Bracelet | Roman Bronze Coins

Hi Ed Bell,
Just wanted you to see my latest find with my Sovereign. It is a Louisiana Pelican Button, circa 1840-1850. I am really starting to get the feel for my machine. Am seeing things come out of the ground in a lot of "worked out" areas. Can't wait till I really learn what this machine can do!!! hh...Mike See an image here

Oct 22, 2002 - Ed Bell,

Here is a little narrative about what I have found. See an image here

I started this detecting stuff about 2 months ago with a Minelab Explorer (my first detector) and found this site a couple of weeks later - It is about 5 minutes from my house. Another guy has been going there for a couple of years - Lucky him!! I still got some good stuff in the last two months: I have over 150 wheaties, 30 mercury Dimes, 6 Seated Liberty Dimes, 3 Barber dimes, a Barber Quarter, 4 Standing Liberty Quarters, 10 silver Washington Quarters, 30 Indian pennies, 10 Buffalo Nickles, 6 Shield nickles, 5 "V" nickles, 4 Silver War Jefferson Nickles, 8 other jeffersons, 10 Silver Roosevelt Dimes, 6 Religious medals, an 1857 Flying Eagle penny, an 1863 grocer's token, an 1843 Large Cent, a GREAT 1837 Bank Token One Penny (in the same hole a metal store token too), a gold ring, a sterling ring, cufflinks, a GREAT copper Boy Scout Neckerchief Slide with the Statue of Liberty, A Boy Scout pin with 1911 Patent date, Part of an Eagle scout pin, A Silver plated Child's World at the 1939 World Fair bracelet, US Navy Silver ware, a 1919 NY Chauffeur's pin, two brass dog licensesand on and on! What a great site! I find more stuff every time but soon it will be over. I can't help wonder what we lost with all of the construction and the 10" of soil they removed!!!! Thanks Ed Bell!!!

Timothy Myers

Ed Bell - Here is a picture of my finds with my CZ-20. The top row is Gold, the bottom 2 rows is Silver. Not included is the silver chains and bracelets, silver coins, an change I also found. I think I did pretty good in the 6 months since you sold me the machine. Can't wait until next year!!!! Thanks again for the deal on the CZ!!! hh...Mike Click Here to View

Here are some images from a friend Charles who lives in the Schenectady NY area. He used the a Minelab XS for the first time and never metal detected before this past summer!! These coins were taken out of albany city park right underneath the noses of the whites dfx users who (by the way) have now sold there units after being humiliated in their own park all summer long. He has acquired over 200 old silver coins from one hunted out park! Way to go Charles. 2001 finds - Silver Batch 1 | Silver Batch 2 | 3 Seated Silvers | Barber | 1833 Bust | 2 Seated Libertys June 2002 finds - 1786 New Jersey Colonial

Hey Ed Bell,
Thanks for posting my picture of that grenade or whatever it is on the Treasure Depot. I have been told it is Revolutionary War era. I went out two weekends ago just to see if a friends plowed field had any relics. There was a three day Civil War battle on Johns Island, SC which is right around the corner from my house. A friend of mine owns 25 acres and rents another 16 acres to plant corn on where the battle took place. My hunting buddy and I got permission and off we
went. I had less than two hours to hunt it and we decided to go at the last minute. It seems like the unplanned trips always turn out the best relics. Plan for a week in advance and find nothing! Anyway I hit a signal and cut the plug and could see the edge of a plate. I was really hoping for a CS plate, but I am not complaining! It is in really great shape for coming out of a plowed field.
Ed Bell, thanks again for recommending the Lobo Super Traq! Marty - See Marty's Buckle Here

Here are some of Ed Bell's (Bell's Upstate Detectors) silver finds using various detectors. Click the image to enlarge. Ed Bells Finds

Ed Bell,

Using a CZ-7a Pro. Here is the front of the house... Click to see...

The broach was found about 100' south of the house next to the original wellhouse.. The well still exists, and is about 15' in diameter.. They say it was used extensively during the Stage Coach era, 1810 - 1850..... Click here to see broach

The house was built in 1799 by a Mr. Daniel Warner, Esq.. The land was deeded in 1783 to the same person.. We are not sure what transpired between 1783 and 1799, but one thought is that they built a log home on the property until they had enough money to build the existing framed house. The area surrounding this house is riddled with same era homes.

Along with the broach, we have found, (we just moved in late last fall), 2 large cents, (2" each), 10 wheats, (all 6") the broach, (4"), 1 merc, (all 6"), 1 walking liberty half, (6"), and hundreds of square nails. We are starting to realize that the front lawn was filled over when the basement was dug out in the early 1980's... This would explain the 6" depth of the W/L half and other same era coins. The two large cents were found in a different area of the front lawn, and this area was not covered when they spread the fill.

We are sure there is much more to find. Sincerely looking forward to spring, although this week don't look bad....

Take care, and any feedback concerning the use of the Fisher CZ-7a Pro is appreciated.

Steve -

Ed Bell,

Thought I would send you a picture of my best find on the first day with the Lobo. I am about 99.9% sure this is an explosive shell. The screw/fuse has "WT-9" on it and you can see it is a little smaller than a tennis ball. It is brass. I like that find ,but I hope that the Lobo doesn't find any more of those. I really like my body in one piece and alive! Thanks Again, Marty See it here

Brian's finds with a Minelab Explorer XS ans S

After being a whites user for years including the dfx Brian hit the usual spots over with the minelab S and coins popped out of the ground like he never hunted it before. His second day out with a explorer he worked a hunted out location that the owner said was detected over for years.
Within 5 minutes he got a rare double stamped (both sides) conneticut state copper coin that was estimated to be worth 3,000.00. Needless to say Brian owns 2 Minelab explorers...and they were paid for by his find the second day out!. Way to go Brian.

Here are some of his finds.... Click the link to see each. 10k Gold Ring - Wedding Band - 1804 Large Cent - Early Pistol & Ball - Connecticut Colonial Copper - Boutwell Token - Revolutionary War Finds - Assorted Buttons - NY Watch Fob - Assorted Coppers - Fugio Copper

Explorer "XS" reunites woman with class ring after 39 years.

It was Dec. 4, and a very warm day for Dec. so Brian, Ed Bell and I decided to go metal detecting. We went to a camp for kid's that's close by. I had only had my Explorer for less than a month and was still learning it. Brian brought a gold ring and a silver dime with him for me to check before we got started. Brian wanted me to get an idea of the tones and where the crosshairs were located on the screen. So after doing that, we started to metal detect. Less than 10 minutes had passed when I got a signal. I looked at my screen and noticed the crosshairs were in the same location as it was when I checked the ring that Brian had brought, so I decided to dig this target. I dug down about three inches and turned over the plug, and I could see it was a gold ring. Needless to say I was very surprised and excited. This was the first time I have ever found anything gold. After a close inspection of the ring I could see it was a woman's 1958 high school class ring, with three initials on the inside. The high school is a local school.

Now the hard part starts trying to find the owner. The first thing I did was to go to the high school and look in the 1958 yearbook. I found one match. Got her married name, address and phone number from another book they had. I called the phone number but it was no longer in use. Not knowing what to do next, I emailed her address to Ric (IL) (from the forum) to see if he could help locate her. He e-mailed me the name and phone number of the new owner. I called the man and he told me her son owns a bookstore nearby and he gave me his phone number. I called the bookstore and talked to the woman who lost the ring. When I told her I found her class ring she was shocked and very happy, she just couldn't believe it. She told me she had lost the ring in the location I had found it back in 1962. She tried looking for it but could never find it. She also told me that she often thinks about it. So now the ring is on its way back to its owner after 39 years in the ground lost.

I've read a few stories of people finding rings and returning them back to their owners, but I never thought it would happen to me. It is a great feeling to be able to give back an item that was lost so long ago and meant so much to its owner.

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