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Most Popular Treasure Books

Treas Laws of the US 18.95

Garrett-Treasure hunting for fun/profit - NEW! 9.95
Garrett-Find gold with detector - NEW! 9.95
Garrett-Ghost town Treasure - NEW! 9.95

Garrett-New modern detectors - NEW! 14.95
Garrett-Real gold in those golden years - NEW! 9.95
Garrett-How to find sunken treasure - NEW! 14.95
Garrett-Gold of the Americas - NEW! 12.95
Garrett New successful coin hunting - NEW! 9.95
Garrett Treasure recovery from sand to sea - NEW! 14.95
Garrett-Gold Panning is easy - NEW! 9.95
Mastering the Minelab Explorer/Sabisch 14.95
Advanced Water Techniques/Sabisch 9.95
Treasure Hunting with Minelab's Vol2/Sabisch 10.95
Treas Hunting with Minelab #1/Sabisch 9.95


B-200 New Successful Coin Hunting $ 9.95
B-201 Modern Metal Detectors 12.95
B-210 "New" Gold Panning is Easy 9.95
B-212 Gold-Gold 12.95
B-215 Treasure on Chesapeake Bay 9.95
B-218 Coin Shooting III "NEW" 8.95

B-224 Buried Treasure You Can Find By: Robert F. Marx $14.95
As a marine archaeologist, historian, adventurer, treasure hunter, and author, Robert Marx has earned recognition and rewards that the rest of us only dream of. However, this book isn't about his success... it's about yours. The message is simple: wherever you live, you're surrounded by treasure; and with the right kind of information, equipment, and effort, you can find your share! Marx begins by underscoring the fact that treasure can be and is being found every day, especially with the aid of today's advanced metal detectors. He explains in plain language how detectors work, and how to choose and use one effectively. He also discusses the various types of treasures and treasure hunting, the detectors best suited for finding them, and the importance of research in identifying and verifying treasure leads. Incidentally, metal detector manufacturer, treasure hunter, and author Charles Garrett contributes an introduction titled "What Is Treasure Hunting?", and his detectors are evident in most of the book's 48 full-page color photos. Ultimately, however, Buried Treasures You Can Find is a guidebook, not a textbook; and the real mother lode of information is a mammoth listing of treasure sites - over 7,500 in all 50 states. Entries are arranged alphabetically by state and community, and provide concise summaries of location, background, and treasure potential. They range from huge legendary hoards to little-known caches, from lost Spanish mines to forgotten outposts and ghost towns. There's plenty here for everybody, and something here near you. Good leads, good sites, good advice from a pro... you can't ask for more in a treasure hunting book, and Robert Marx delivers!

B-225 Th'ing In/Around/Under Water 12.00
B-226 Treasure Rocovery-Sand&Sea 12.95

B-240 Sunken Treasure/How to Find It 9.95
B-241 Missing Nez Perce Gold 4.95
B-242 Find More Treasure W/Metal Det. 1.00
B-246 Coin & Relic Dredging 9.95

B-255 Treasure From British Waters 7.95
B-256 Successful Nugget Hunting 15.00
B-262 S CA Butterfield TH Guide 8.95

B-263 Metal Detecting for Treasure 8.00
B-264 Treasure Laws of the US 18.95
B-268 Deep Treasure Cache With Gemini 7.00
B-269 New Guide to Th'ing/Carson 13.00
B-272 The Detectors/How to Guide

B-273 Relic Hunter By Ed Fedory 9.95
B-274 Real Gold (in Golden Years) 9.95
B-275 Spectrun (XLT) Secrets #3 9.95

B-277 Adv. Water Working Techniques 9.95

B-280 Indian Arrowheads/Overstreet 24.00
B-281 Overstreet's Ring Guide 14.95

B-286 Coin Hunting in Depth 12.95
B-287 Taking a Close Look at DISC 8.95
B-288 Ghost Towns/Ruins-Riches 9.95
B-290 Search of the Civil War 10.95
B-291 You Can Find Gold W/M Det 9.95

B-293 World of the Relic Hunter By: Ed Fedory $14.95

Too many books are simply about things, neat, competent works of authors who never venture beyond the pale purlieu of the page. Yet now and then there comes a writer with the power not merely to inform or entertain, but to draw us irresistibly into his world... to shape words into visions and passions... to make his quest our own. In relic hunting, that gift is uniquely Ed Fedory's.The World of the Relic Hunter recounts many of Fedory's most memorable finds, field trips, and friendships. However, if that description suggests an armchair anthology of anecdotes, guess again. Here is a true tour de force of adventure, not merely written by lived on every page, steeped in the spirit and lore of real-world, rawboned relic hunting! A few favorites are gleaned from past columns and articles, but these are freshly reprised, not rehashed. Others are told for the first time ever, and always with authority, energy, and style.Although not intended as a "how to" guide in the tradition of Fedory's earlier Relic Hunter - The Book, the definitive text in its field, The World of the Relic Hunter is also a goldmine of practical information presented through personal experience. Not only that, but the photos-and there are over 90 of them-give an added, vivid dimension both to the narrative and to the wealth of knowledge underlying it. Above all, this is a book guaranteed to make you think and feel like a relic hunter!Remember when you were a kid and you'd crawl under the covers with a flashlight to spend one more chapter searching for pirate treasure, exploring a lost city, or tracking some mysterious stranger to his dark lair? Well, if you think you've outgrown that kind of excitement, don't be too sure. First chance you get, pick up a copy of The World of the Relic Hunter... and a few extra batteries!

B-294 Finding Gold Nuggets II 9.95
B-295 Researching Ghost Towns 5.95

B-302 Treasure Atlas #7-NM NY NC ND OH 15.95

B-306 Tips for the Treasure Hunter 7.95

B-309 Dust in the Wind/Guide 19.95
B310 Civil War Price Guide 25.00
B-311 Albert's Button Book/Hardback 39.95

B-313 Beach Bank/Treas Teller 9.95

B-314 Divers Guide to Sunken Treasure 13.00
B-315 Gold of Americas/J Marx 9.95
B-316 Tokens/The Gay Nineties 12.95
B-317 Tokens & Metals by Alpert 19.95
B-319 Working the Surf W/Fisher 8.00

B-321 Treasure Hunting with Minelab #1 9.95
B-322 US Uniform Buttons 1776-1865 60.00
B-323 Treasure Hunting with Minelab #2 10.95
B-324 Recreational Gold Prospecting for Fun 13.00

B-325 XLT Field Methods & Custom Programs 9.95
B-326 The New Metal Detecting The Hobby 9.95
B-327 Mastering the Explorer XS 14.95

B-329 2001 North American Coin Price Guide 16.95

B-330 US Tokens 1700-1900 49.95
B-331 Search in Homes & Yards 10.95
B-332 Relic Hunting A-Z 14.95
B-333 Civil War Projectiles II 39.95
B-334 Follow The Signs 19.95

B-336 Competitive Treasure Hunt 9.95
B-339 Metal Detecting For Beginners 12.95


Treas of Mexico/Adventure 9.95
Silent Past/Outlaw Treasure 9.95
Sand/Sea - Indian Ocean 9.95
Gold Panning is Easy 9.95
Weekend Prospecting 9.95

Treasure Visions/Utah 9.95
Instr/Fisher X Series 19.95
Superscanner/Instruction 9.95

Hurricane Treasure 24.95
Instr/Eagle Spectrum/XLT 24.95
Instr/GMCX/II in Spanish 9.95
Instructional/Fisher TW-6 25.00

Insturctional/TM-800/808 21.95
Instructional TM-800/808 Spanish 21.95

Instructional TW-770 Fisher 25.00
Instructional Freedom/Treasure Ace 9.95
Instructional Garrett Model/Specify 9.95
Instructional Garrett Security/Specify 9.95

Instructional Video SD-220 10.00

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