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Since 1931 - The First... The Best! Affordable high quality, high performance metal detectors.

Land Detectors - Each of these are fully automatic, VLF - slow motion discrimination. In air testing you will see that their lowest cost detector has almost as much punch as their top of the line, you just choose the features and price range you want. In every case you will be getting a truly high performance detector.


Underwater Metal Detectors - Serious underwater treasure locators.
Package #1 - With 8" Coil
Fisher 1280X Aquanaut
w/8" Coil List Price: $799.95 Our Price: $679.95
Plus Free Shipping

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Package #1 - With 10.5" Coil
Fisher 1280X Aquanaut
w/10.5" Coil
List Price $829.95 Our Price $705.46
Plus Free Shipping

Accepting all payment through paypal.
Call Ph 828-238-1203 or E-mail to recive an invoice for secure payment.

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Find it with Fisher's 1280-X Aquanaut
All purpose metal detector engineered to do the job on land in the surf or 250 feet deep.

Simple.Only three controls - just set them and search. Lightweight, near perfect balance, foam grip, adjustable arm rest. Only slight search coil motion required for positive target response and quick pinpointing.

Versatile.Works in salt water, fresh water or on land. Control box slips off for belt mounting. Shaft telescopes from 33 to 49 inches. Detects all metals or ignores small trash.

Rugged. Watertight to 250 feet. Stainless steel arm rest, fiberglass shaft, hi-impact injection-molded control box, waterproof headset, lightweight solid glass-bead epoxy search coil. Built to take a beating!

Economical. Patented State-of-theart circuitry delivers up to 75 hours of stable, deep-seeking metal detection on a single pack of penlight batteries. Virtually no maintenance required.

5 YEAR Warranty - On All Fisher Hobby Detectors Backed with pride by the world's oldest name in metal detectors. Write or phone for more Information or the name of your nearest Fisher dealer.

Automatic turn-on-and-go operation.
Salt water, fresh water or land use.
Leakproof to 250 feet.
Up to 75 hours of battery life.
Ignores small pieces of trash.
Patented quartz-crystal clrcuftry.
Converts to belt mount.
Audio and visual target response.
5 YEAR Warranty - On All Fisher Hobby Detectors

Length Extended 49"
Collapsed 33" 8" Coil 10.5" Coil
Weight Complete (with headset) 5.1 Lbs.. . . 5.4 Lbs.
Handle and Search Coil 2.3 Lbs. . . .2.6 Lbs.
Control Housing 2.3 Pounds
Frequency VF-Search 2.4 KHz,
Quartz Crystal Controlled Audio Target Response . . .400 Hz Unipolar
Headset Type Piezo Electric, Custom Designed
Interchangeable No
Visual Target Response Light Emitting Diode (LED)
Search Mode VF-Discrimination, Slow Motion
Salt Water Operation Yes
Fresh Water Operation Yes
Land Operation Yes
Search Coil Type Concentric, Co-Planar
Diameter 8" or 10.5"
Shielding 100% E.S.l.
Interchangeable No
Hipmounting Belt Clip for Detachable Control Housing
Submersible To 250 Feet
Batteries (8)1.5 Volt AA Penlight
Battery Life Carbon Zinc 30-50 Hours Alkaline 45-75 Hours
Warranty: 5 YEAR Warranty - On All Fisher Hobby Detectors

SEARCH COILS The 1280-X Aquanaut is available with either an 8 inch diameter search coil or a 10.5 inch diameter "Spider" coil (as shown on the reverse).

Searchers working on rocky, uneven terrain, in thick underbrush, in salt water or high density trash areas generally prefer the quieter operation of the 8 inch coil and its ability to zero in on good targets closer to junk. Pinpointing is also easier with the 8 inch coil and it's easier to get into confined areas.

The 10.5 inch coil will go slightly deeper-5% to 20% in air, less in soil depending on target size and ground mineralization. The most noticeable improvement will be on targets larger than coin-size in non-mineralized soil. Equally important, its wider scan will cover more area with each sweep.

POWER ON-OFF/VOLUME. Dual Function Potentiometer and Switch.
BATTERY TEST/SENSITIVITY. Dual Function Potentiometer and Switch.
VF-DISCRIMINATION. Full Range Trash Rejection Potentiometer.

ACCESSORIES STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Headset, Belt Clip, 8" or 10.5" Search Coil, Operating Manual, Carbon-Zinc Batteries. OPTIONAL: Carry Case, Coil Covers, Battery Recharge Kit (Nicads with AC and DC Chargers), Book: "Advanced Shallow Water Treasure Hunting With The 1280-X Aquanaut"

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